Monday, September 13, 2010

The act!

As mentioned in my previous blog, we attended Jiro's birthday party last Sept 4. Ferdie was fortunate (hehehe) to participate in one of the games for adults. It was fun! The boys could have won but the Magician's assistant pulled Ferdie's chair.

Not yet

I had my visitor yesterday...I told ferdie about it and he said that it's ok. I was again upset after seeing my visitor...We will try again...I know in my heart that the right time will come...I trust you Papa Jesus.

The gift that made Mama cry

It's been a productive weekend since the long weekend started and so yesterday, we just decided to relax and unwind. We don't have any plans of buying anything but when we went to Cyberzone, we decided to drop by Silicon Valley. While inside the store, a netbook caught my attention. I knew that my Mama would like it. She's been longing to have a laptop for some time now. I asked Ferdie if it would be ok to buy it for my nanay. He said yes so without further hesitations, we bought it! Oh dear, you can just imagine how happy my mama was after seeing it at home. She even cried! Belated happy birthday Mama! we hope you liked it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Parties Weekend

Ferdie and I attended 2 children's party over the last 2 weekends...First was Sage's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party and just last saturday, it was Jiro's 7th Cars themed birthday party. To Sage and Jiro, happy, happy birthday! To Mommy Mig and Mommy Mayeth, good job on pulling off a great party!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinner at ARA

The CMS team had a grand time at ARA last July 23. It was JingJing's despedida and Jacque's birthday treat! Thanks guys!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hubby is now into magic tricks! I didn't realize that the cards are that expensive...well, let's see if his magic will work on me!

Back to Cross-stitching

I must admit, I really love this...I was able to finish 3 before at the time when all are into cross-stithing. About a month ago, Ferdie and I went to Quiapo to buy the compressor for our ref but when we passed by Wellmanson, we saw this shop selling all cross-stitching materials. I immediately looked for a pattern which I think would suit best our dining room. Good thing, I was able to find the fruit pattern. I asked the lady how big the outcome would be and she told me that I need to buy 1 yard of cloth for that pattern. I bought the pattern and some DMCs so I can start working at home...When I went home, I was surprised how BIG it was! I'll post some pics to show you how will it progress. Ferdie told me that it will be finished by next year...hahahah! Oh well, wish me luck!