Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wedding Blings!

Here are some of the wedding stuffs we'll be using for our wedding...

Kissing bells - bought at Divi for 6 pesos each. We just tied them with ribbons and tag

Ballpens - bought at Divi for 15 pesos each.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wedding Preps -updates!

We have not been able to do much for our wedding bec of the xmas far, with less than 3 mos to go, here are our accomplishments:

Church - paid dp, we'll go back on jan for the pre cana seminar and canonical interview
Recep - paid dp, caterer will visit the place on jan to come up with the floor plan
Caterer - Eloquente, paid dp - will visit them on jan for the additional pay. and finalize the menu
Cake - Sugarbox, 75% paid, cake design ok - final payment on the wedding day itself
Rings - Goldenhills - will visit them this jan for the payment
Bridal car and Sound System - c/o Eloquente
Give-aways - done
PS gifts - wines for the ninongs (need to buy), bracelets for the ninangs - done!
Ento gifts - bracelets done!
Invitations - in process
Gowns and Barong - will go to Divi this jan
HMUA - will have a TMU this jan (sabay ng prenup)
Photo - Paul Vincent - dp paid, prenup this jan
Video - Dan Pamintuan - dp paid, prenup this jan

Need to buy:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! May the spirit of the season be filled with love, joy and peace in our hearts...

Konting kwento: every x'mas we don't really stay at home since lagi kami nasa shop...anyways, we just celebrated the noche buena by having an early dinner of pancit, salad and ham...nothing fancy kce pag media noche kami naghahanda talaga...I just gave my pamangkins their gifts as well as gifts for my parents...syempre, i gave a xmas present to Ferdie...3 shirts na he can use for the prenup...

A day at Enchanted Kingdom!

Ferdie and I had a great time last Dec 15 at Enchanted Kingdom. It's our first time to be there (yikes!, kahiya...) and it was a blast! nabasa, natuyo at nabasa ulit kme pero ang saya! hihihi! super enjoy kami to the point na praktis na un smiles namin for our prenup...we'll surely go back (may free ticket pa kce) pero after our wedding na are some of our pics...enjoy!

SSI christmas party 2006

We had our company christmas party last Dec 20 at Dencio's Jupiter. Since I had a cold the day before, I was not able to prepare much...(kelan p talaga mag prepare! hehehe) My girlfriends were super pretty and lucky that night! (they won big raffle prizes! ako isang towel at toiletries kit lang...huhuhu) Anyways, nag enjoy din ako esp during the presentation of newly hires...katuwa un no. ng grp 1...panalo!

Happy birthday Papa Jesus!

May the christmas season bring joy and prosperity to everyone. I am very thankful to Papa Jesus for all the blessings that he has given us...a BIG thanks to you!

btw, I am super happy since this will be my last christmas as being year, wifey nako..hehehe!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Friends forever!

Ferdie and I had a great time last night. We had a chance to be with our friends (actually my former ofcmates from Destiny) at Gloria Maris Shangrila Mall. Actually, we've been doing this for 2 consecutive years now and I must say that we really had a blast! Super kulit and super saya last night! We even had our exchange gifts...Thanks to Lorna, I got a hand cream from Marks and Spencer...smells really good and very refreshing! Cu soon guys!


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