Sunday, June 28, 2009

a new journey...

Yes, you read it journey towards a healthier me has begun! I know I've committed a lot of times to be fit and healthy but I always fail. This time I want to make sure that it will work. I'm not getting any younger and the thought and feeling of being sick stresses me more. I also would want to fit in to my old clothes and be able to feel better about myself...Wish me luck!

See how big I am now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A royal party

The son of our good friends Weng and Toto, celebrated his 1st birthday at Shakey's North Edsa...The boy was super cute and BIG to think he only turned one! The party was also a blast! A lot of kids and adults joined the games. My inaanka, Jhana also won as best in costume for being Tinkerbell.It was also a good thing that Ferdie and I attended the party since almost all of my previous officemates were there and we kinda had a small reunion...Here's the bday boy, Franz with me.

Tatay's bday

We had a small celebration last june 6 for tatay's was more of inuman actually and a lot of videoke! we had a blast even if it was raining hard that tatay, happy bday! we love you...

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy birthday tatay!

Tom, June 2 is my Papa's 61st birthday! small celebration lang tom since the party will happen sa sat pa. We already gave our bday present last sat and super saya ni Papa when he saw the box. Our plan sana kasi is to have the tv delivered on his bday pero since 1 day lang yung sale, we decided na i-advance na lang. Good thing, pag uwi namin, wala pa sila sa haus so we were able to place it sa sala nila. Ang sarap ng feeling when I saw how happy my Papa was. We love you so dearly Papa! May you continue to have a good health and more apo's (from me and ferdie naman! hehehe) Happy birthday to the greatest tatay in the whole world!!!

back to school

It's school time once again. I'm sure a lot of mommies out there were busy to prepare their kid's baon. How time flies...summer lang tpos, pasukan ulit. All my pamangkins are excited to go back to school (not sure kung dahil sa baon or they really missed their friends / schoolmates hehehe). Since pasukan ulit, traffic galore na naman. One more thing, sana the swine flu will eventually go away. kawawa naman yung mga kids.

Philips' Bodega Sale

Hubby and I went to the bodega sale at A. Venue and Events hall last sat. I only knew of this sale when a friend emailed me last friday. Good thing we still went even if it's raining hard that time. We really had some good buys. We were able to buy a flat tv and a home theater system (hts). The flat tv is our bday gift to my dad but the HTS, for us (actually kay hubby!) We are only keen on buying the tv but the hubby was able to convince me that the HTS was sooo sulit! When we arrived at home, he immediately set it up and oh boy, the sound was so good! I believe him!!!

the road to the finals

yey! laker's will again have a shot in the nba finals. I hope this time, the team will win! team effort is the key...