Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to Japan!

I was privileged to visit Tokyo, Japan last July 10-15...My japanese colleague and I were sent there for a 3-day training...Syempre, super happy and excited ako since 1st time ko to go there! japayuki ang byuti ko...hehehe! Opportunity ko na din to visit Tokyo Disneyland and kahit na ayaw ako samahan ng ofcmate ko, I was really determined to go there!

We left July 10 and arrived at around was raining that night since may padating na typhoon and guess what, galing ng pinas! super daming tao nag check out...1hr pa b4 finally, nakalabas na rin kami. my ocfmate bought the bus tickets going to the hotel. From Narita airport, 1 1/2 hrs pa un byahe.ang tagal! We checked in at Hotel Okura - Tokyo mga past 11pm na and after unpacking my things, I went to bed.

The following day, aga kami gumising since we need to go to the went well naman...that's what we did for 3 days...ofc, hotel, ofc lang...un last day namin sa training, I went back sa hotel to leave my laptop...after nun, labas ako ulit to look around...lakad lakad lang.I just bought mcdo for dinner...medyo hirap din since most of them does not speak english! haay!

The next day, I decided to visit Disneyland...I told myself, bahala na basta I need to see the place! I just took the subway trains, changed stations and finally I was at the happiest place on earth! deadma na lan even if medyo maulan nung time na un...I was super happy to see the disney princesses, mickey, minnie, donald, daisy, goofy, pluto, etc...super ganda ng parade...It was a lilo and stitch theme kaya sobrang colorful! here are some pics...