Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho ho howdy, christmas in the country!

That was the theme of our company christmas party that was held last Dec 22 at the Makati Sports Club...kwento to follow

Wii night

It's my first time to play the game and I'm so happy I won and became the overall champion! Our korean ofcmate invited us to have dinner and play wii at their condo in Pioneer Highlands. We thought we will not be able to make it since it was a friday night and traffic was just tremendous...When we arrived at their place, feeling ko, di ko na kaya. Sobrang pagod sa byahe from makati to mandaluyong. We left the ofc at 6:30 and arrived at her place around 8pm. We just had pasta, pizza and salad for dinner. Around 9pm, it's time to play! We were divided into 2 teams for the bowling match and our team won! clap,clap,clap...most of us were able to hit strike...galing! The second game was boxing were we all played individually. Sobrang sakit sa arms after the game but sulit because I won and I think I was able to do some exercise for my arms.hehehehe...

Christmas Parties...everywhere!

It's the most wonderful time of the parties are really everywhere! We had our team's own party last Dec 11 and oh boy, it was fun,fun,fun!!! The games were so hilarious...We even had our own version of hep,hep, hooray! and of course the kapuso channel's pinoy henyo. Our team, lost...sad.sad.sad...but the party was just so fun, we enjoyed it to the are some pics...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moving in

As what I've mentioned in my last post, we thought we can move in before end of Nov. I didn't realize that it will took some more time (and more money!)to complete all the finishing touches for the house. I'm happy to say that we will finally be able to move between Dec 13-14. Though, there will still be some fix that needs to be done, we are ready! I'll post some pics soon.