Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obando festival

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 2 yrs and 2 months anniv tom, May 17 and we both agreed to start our day by going to Obando and attend the mass. It's been more than 2yrs since we got married but the blessing that we've been praying from the ONE above has not yet arrived. I just believe that he will give it to us in his own perfect time...I just can't help but feel sad sometimes when there are people who are so rude to ask and assume that they know everything! I often just smile at them pero there are instances talaga na grabe, kakainis na! wag na sila mag comment please! They don't know what TTC couples are feeling everytime they say those things...I'll include them in my prayers na lang that God will forgive them for they don't kno what they are saying.

Btw, I made some research about the Obando festival and accdg to what I've found in the net, the streets are filled with couples hoping for children who dances during the procession and appealing that they will be given the blessing of having children. They say that if you want a wife, you dance to San Pascual Baylon. Conversely, if you want a husband, then you dance to Santa Clara de Assisi. Finally, if you want a child you dance to the Virgen de Salambao.

Hubby and I will pray and strut our stuff tom. I'm sure it will be fun, fun, fun!


Since my fave nba team lost last friday, I'm so excited and also a bit nervous on what will happen on monday, game 7 of the West Semis...Just what coach Phil said in the post game presscon "there's nothing to worry". I believe him...