Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wazz up???!!!

I've been busy the past two saturdays! We had our company outing last april 19 and an outreach program just last sat, april 26. I'll make kwento and post some pics...

kayo, how's your week? it's a holiday on may 1 so that means no work for me and ferdie...we'll have time to rest...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

rule of fours

Tagged by Abi...thanks sis!

Rule of Fours

4 jobs i have had:
External Auditor for an Auditing Firm
Internal Auditor for a Manufacturing Company
Internal Auditor for a Cable company
I am now working for a BPO company handling transaction processing

4 movies i watched over and over:

Harry Potter
My bestfriends wedding
James Bond

4 places i have lived:

Isa lang eh - pasig

4 shows i watch:

American Idol
Lifesytle Network
B tV

4 people who email me:

My newlyweds yahoogroup
My cousin
My college barkada
My boss

4 favorite things to eat:
Sinigang na baboy
Chocolate Mousse cake

4 places i would rather be:

anywhere as long as I'm with my family and husband

4 things i look forward to this year:
our 1st baby!
renovation of our house
moving in to our own home
God’s plans for us

I'm tagging Bunnie, Sujee and Trinity


I just did my rounds of blog hopping and saw jane's blog / post. I'm so happy to find out that she is now pregnant! I've been reading her blog for sometime now and I know that she really wants a 2nd baby. Congrats Jane! I hope you'll have a safe pregnancy.

To my other TTC n@wie sis, let's keep on praying...I know that God will also give us what our heart desires...

Have a good weekend every one!

wedding album

We'll finally get our wedding album from Paul Vincent this evening. Excited na ko to see the outcome though I approved naman the layout. I think I've made mga 2 revisions but then iba pa ding yung makita mo ng actual. We were supposed to get this last Jan pa kaya lang sobrang busy sa work eh. Once we got the album , I'll post my kwento.

new look

new look daw oh! sawa na ko sa dati kong template kaya I decided to change it...so far, happy naman ako...

family outing

We'll have our family outing tom at Laguna. We just decided it awhile ago so this will just be a day tour. Biglaan eh...We'll have a chance again to bond with Ferdie's family.I'll post the pics after.