Sunday, February 24, 2008

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More DIY bracelets

Here are my husband's latest creations...all for me! I'll also post the earrings he made for me.


I finally had the time to post and share some of my husband's DIY. It all started when I joined w@w and got inspired with all the beautiful DIY stuffs that my fellow co-w@wies were doing. I asked Ferdie if we can also make bracelets to be given to our ninangs and female entourage, buti na lang he also liked the idea.

At first, mahirap din kce we don't know how to do it pero si Ferdie talaga, persistent na makagawa! I'm so lucky na mahilig siya. Not all men will do the same thing esp kung bracelets..huh! di naman ako nagduda sa kanya...hehehe!

After doing the bracelets, he also tried other things like yung cord namin, headpiece, earrings and necklace. Super happy kami sa outcome!

Thanks honey! I'm so proud of you!

our cord

bracelet for the ninang

Cuff bracelet for me

Panagbenga '08

I am sharing some of our pics...

Dagupan, este Baguio adventure!

Ferdie and I, along with my Papa, Mama and Tita Ams all went to Baguio last friday night. We decided to leave the house at around 9pm just to be there at the Cubao Terminal of Victory Liner before 11pm. We have no reservations pero I did not expected na super, as in super dami ng tao sa terminal when we arrived. Haaayyy!

I can't seem to find the line para makakuha ng tickets. Si Mama, high blood na kce di daw ako agad nagpa reserve, eh wala ng trip that night! We were advised na 8:30am na yung next trip. Oh boy! What are we gonna do??? Buti na lang I heard the couple in front of me that they will just take the Dagupan trip which will leave at 12mn and just transfer from there. I told Ferdie, ganun na lang din gawin namin. Buti na lang nag agree si Mama and Papa. Bahala na kung ano yung sasakyan namin pagdating ng Dagupan.

We left the terminal at exactly 12mn and arrived at Dagupan mga 4:30 am. When we arrived, I immediately asked the driver kung meron trip going to Baguio. Meron pero ordinary so no aircon! naku, paano yun?

Since wala ng choice and the bus will be leaving na rin in 5mins, game na, sakay na kami!

Around 7am nasa Baguio na kami! The good thing is we were able to arrive before the parade started at 8:15am.

Moral lesson: mag pa reserve lalo na pag Panagbenga Festival.

Papa and Mama

Ferdie and Me

Tita Ams


I hardly have the time to blog this past few weeks. Super busy with work and also attending to our family business. Buti na lang special holiday tom so I will have more time for myself and Ferdie.

Kakapagod din kce we just came back from Baguio last night. Haay! I'll post my kwento and pics in my next blog.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


welcome to our blog n@wies! i'm so glad na after being a w@wie, i'm now part of this group! super helpful, daming insights and masaya! thanks to all n@wies who have linked me up sa blog much as I can, I will visit all your sites...thanks also for adding me up.

God bless!

Another monthsary

Even if Ferdie and I will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary as hubby and wifey next month, we can't help but still celebrate our anniv as bf/gf. Simple lang naman. Kain lang outside or minsan, we cook at home. Mas matipid pa.Hehehe...

Happy monthsary honeybunch!!! I love you so much...

Friday, February 1, 2008


January 29 was hubby's 29th birthday! He did not use his birthday leave so we just had dinner after ofc hours. The celebration will continue on sat, Feb 2 since my bro will also be celebrating his bday on Feb 3.

Happy birthday honeybunch!!! I love you and thanks for always being there for me!

a Chinese wedding

Last Jan 27, one of my college barkada, Riza tied the knot with Jeff. The ceremony was held at the San Sebastian church and the sumptous dinner was at Emerald Garden in Roxas Blvd. The bride and her entourage wore gowns by Leaonard Co. Congrats to Jeff and best wishes to Riza. May you have a blissful marriage!